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“As a long-time certified Cambridge strategic planning facilitator, I truly appreciate the time and energy that Charles has put into his craft.”

Deputy Superintendent, South Carolina Department of Education

“In my 40 years of volunteerism and community service, I have never seen an inspirational speaker light up a room as I did when Mr. Weathers spoke. He led us in a way that had everyone excited and inspired.”

President, Colorado Nonprofit Association

“I really enjoyed the dialogue.  I learned more about my fellow board members and the training materials were especially helpful.”

Executive Director, The Springs Close Foundation

“Because of a mutual commitment to improve the quality of life for all, Charles is willing to share his expertise in endeavors that will bring about positive change.“

Prevention Consultant, SC Dept. of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services

The Able Leader

Seeking Clay Candidates… Who are you planning to nominate for your next board vacancy? What’s your dream team look like? Do you only seek out the usual suspects? When we think of great leaders, we tend to gravitate toward position and celebrity status. As a result, our governing boards are filled with busy professionals who, […]

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1. If your organization died tomorrow, would it be missed? 2. You can have an open door policy and still have a closed mind. 3. As a leader, you’re called to be a thermostat and not the thermometer. Set the tone! 4. If you have to remind people that you’re in charge, then you’re not […]

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Smart Organizations

It’s a paper weight – No! It’s a door stop– No! It’s a dust collector on my book shelf – No! What is it? It’s your Strategic Plan. If you’ve ever attended a Strategic Planning session you can identify with the above. The thought of Strategic Planning sends chills down the spine of many executives […]

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Imagine running a race and not knowing where the finish line is. Imagine playing a game and not keeping score. That’s what it’s like being the CEO of an organization and never being told what success should look like. Newsflash – If it’s not written down, you can’t expect for it to happen. It’s unfair […]

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