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Are You AvailABLE??

When we’re AvailABLE we’re “able” to give adequate time and attention to the people and issues that matter.  We’re able to focus and “be in the moment”.

As easy as this may sound, it’s a challenge for many of us.  Life is pulling at us from every direction – it seems there’s always something or someone competing for our attention – we’re busy, and busy people don’t have time to be AvailABLE – we’re doing the best we can with what we have.

This is an excuse.  

Let me warn you.  The next sentence will be UncomfortABLE for many of us – including me.  We’re all AvailABLE – we’re AvailABLE to the people and things that we consider a priority.  Don’t allow “busyness” to be a distraction that keeps you from being AvailABLE for the most important moments in your life.

Next Steps:

  1. Increase the amount of time you spend listening to the people that are most important to you. The most precious gift you can give anyone is la istening ear.
  2. Identify and remove the “busy” work from your schedule.
  3. Be in the moment – family dinners, business phone calls, meetings, working-out; whatever it is, when you’re there – be there.
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