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The Perfect Upgrade


Never underestimate the ability of humans to over-complicate a task or a project in the name of  “perfection”.  Trust me, I know from experience.

Perfect is not reality and reality is not perfect.  Much of the stagnation, hesitation, and delay in my life comes from this need or thought of being perfect:

  • I want to write a blog, but I can’t find the perfect opening sentence.
  • Let’s host a conference, but we can’t find the perfect time or the perfect venue.
  • Start a weekly podcast?? Sure, as soon as I find the perfect microphone and equipment that projects my perfect voice. (Oh wait a minute; I gotta perfect my voice first)
  • Write and submit that article to Forbes…working on it for 3 months now – it’s not perfect yet.

My good friend Amos Disasa reminded me that I need to practice what I preach.  I teach others how to be vulnerable, take risks, and “fail forward”; but I’m playing it safe and seeking guarantees before I take a chance.  In Amos’ words, “So that’s why your website looks the way it does and that’s why you’re not driving traffic to yourself, trying to wait til it’s perfect?” OUCH  – yeah that one hurt.

Bottom line, in my attempt to make things “perfect” all I’ve really done is missed opportunities.

There’s a lesson we all can learn from the technology and communications industry.  Not only do they recognize their products aren’t perfect, they’re bold enough to say this is version 1.0, 2.0, and so-on.  And we the consumer have been conditioned to not expect perfection – hence we’re all prepared for the “upgrade.”

Well from today forward, I reject the notion of perfection, I embrace mistakes, I take chances, I am Vulnerable, I learn lessons, and I am always ready to upgrade.

How about you?  Are you vulnerable enough to take a chance?  Hey, if it’s not perfect, you can always upgrade.


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