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Don’t Worry About It

A young professional shared this with me recently.  In the last few months several people had been “let go” from her organization.  Concerned for her own job security, she approached the Executive Director to find out if the organization was going to “be here” next month – she was told don’t worry about.  A few days later she overheard the CFO telling the Executive Director that cash flow was way down and the organization had never been this broke – she again approached the Executive Director and was told – don’t worry about it.  Finally there has been an increasing number of creditors and subcontractors calling the office seeking payment for overdue invoices and bills, once again she approached the Executive Director and was told – don’t worry about it.

By this time you do know what she’s doing, don’t you?  That’s right worrying about.  I understand that there are times when leadership believes the followers can’t handle the truth – not saying I agree with this or condone it, but I do understand how leaders may think it – they may think if everyone really knew how dire the situation is they may panic, they may leave, programs may suffer.  Well guess what, if they’re constantly worried about what you won’t talk about, the work and programs are suffering already.  AccountABLE  leaders help their people confront and navigate reality.

Reality is confronting this young lady on a daily basis and the Executive Director’s admonishings of Don’t Worry About It aren’t working.  Leaders are ABLE to talk about what their people are worried about.



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