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7 Things Staff Want

Your staff is on the front-line for your nonprofit, government agency or corporation.  Your staff see things that you don’t see, they hear things you don’t hear, they know things you don’t know.  Your staff doesn’t hold the key to your success, they are the key to your success.  ApproachABLE, TeachABLE leaders value their staff and take the time to find out what their staff really want and need to be succesful.

Here’s a brief list of what we’ve discovered staff want.  After reading, please suggest any additions in the comment section.

Staff Want:

1) To be respected.

2) To be valued.

3) To be appreciated.

4) To be heard.

5) To grow and develop personally and professionally.

6) To be challenged.

7) To trust leadership.

So what do you do now that you know???

Spend today respecting, valuing, appreciating, listening to, developing, and challenging your staff and watch them start to trust you.


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