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Lessons from Cynthia Radford – SCANPO #NPSummit2015

This morning Cynthia Radford kicked off the SCANPO conference by giving us a great overview of the Leadership Challenge.  Cynthia did a phenomenal job condensing two days of information into 2 hours of meaningful and enriching dialogue.  For those that could not be in attendance here’s a snap shot of what I heard/learned.  Hope this is helpful to you.
  1. Leaders are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
  2. The 4 qualities of admired leaders are: Honesty, Forward Looking, Inspiring, and Competent.
  3. There’s a deep human yearning to make a difference.  Leaders set the stage for people to meet this need.
  4. Our job as a leader is to get everyone pointing in the same direction.
  5. Leaders are expected to be credible and have a vision.
  6. Leaders get people to struggle together toward the same goal/cause.
  7. Clearly articulated goals can draw other people in. Engaging opportunities can pull folks in to serve a greater cause.
  8. We must learn how to put common sense into common practice.
  9. Leaders must predict the impact of change.
  10. A desk is dangerous place to try and see the world.  Get out there and look around. Can’t stay tethered to the desk.
  11. We need competitive compensation packages to attract and retain high quality, competent people in the nonprofit sector.
  12. Asking disruptive questions requires courage.  It may aggravate people, but it must be done.
  13. Leadership isn’t a solo act.
  14. Trim back the bureaucracy and cut back the silly rules when you can.
  15. If we show trust in others, it’s usually reciprocated.
  16. Folks who can’t trust others will never be effective leaders.
  17. Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.
  18. Reflect on your experiences to discover what enables you and what disables you.
  19. Active listening will build trust and collaboration.
  20. What’s the most meaningful way I can recognize someone?  Great question to consider. Think about the ways that you say thanks in authentic ways.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot.
  21. Sustainable organizations cultivate leadership at all levels.
  22. Love em’ and Lead em’

The above nuggets of wisdom should serve as a reminder of what we’re able to do to improve our leadership effectiveness.  Thanks Cynthia.

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