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Things Don’t Just Happen

One of the greatest challenges of parenthood is teaching your children self-responsibility as it pertains to the relationship between what they do and what they get. Children have a canny ability to “not know” how things happened, especially if the result is undesirable. All of my children have demonstrated this ability at one time or another.

There was the time Douglas “lost” his brothers USC sweatshirt. Even though he borrowed it without asking his brother and loaned it to a friend (w/o his brothers permission) and then forgot go back to the friend to get it. He didn’t know how it happened – I do.

Things don’t just happen.

There was the time Dex went to a church conference in California. I couldn’t afford the full expense of the trip, but Dex ended up in California anyway. How??? He called family & friends and asked for their support – they believed in him & his enthusiasm and they supported him. Some people said they didn’t know how it happened – I do.

Things don’t just happen.

The Leadership Lesson my children taught me was:

Every effect is preceded by a cause.
Every consequence is preceded by a choice.
Every result is preceded by an action.
Every output is preceded by an input.


We have the power to make things happen, whether we know how they happen or not.

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