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Seeking clay candidates…

Who are you planning to nominate for your next board vacancy?

What’s your dream team look like?

Do you only seek out the usual suspects?

When we think of great leaders, we tend to gravitate toward position and celebrity status. As a result, our governing boards are filled with busy professionals who, while well intentioned, could never in a million years fulfill the varied activities they’ve overcommitted themselves too… but at least there name will look good on our letterhead, right?

From a community perspective, we miss out on a lot of opportunities because we never consider the lesser known. Investing the energy needed into ‘molding’ new leadership for your organization

There are people providing great leadership in your communities who are overlooked everyday. Take the next opportunity you have for promoting new leaders and think out of the box…

1. Connect with alumni of young leadership program
2. Etc
3. Etc

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